Gold Buyer Dallas

Dallas Gold Buyer

Not all gold buyers are created equally. Some are simply in the business of buying the precious metal gold and aren’t equipped to deal with other elements of value including gems. For example, if you bring a gold ring with diamonds into a gold buyer who is only interested in the gold, you may not receive fair value for the overall piece. Another example would be in the case of a gold watch. A gold Rolex is worth more than just the weight of the gold that it contains.

Dallas gold buyer, If It’s Gold It’s Sold, has roots in fine watches and gems. With an on site gemologist and master watch maker, we understand the value of your gold pieces beyond just their weight in gold. We are centrally located in Dallas, TX and ready to appraise your gold pieces and offer you the highest value on these markets. For more information, see our maps in this website or call us today.

Make Dallas gold buyer, If It’s Gold It’s Sold, your first stop for some of the most competitive prices paid in the market.